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Ceramic Pro Auto Spa not only protects your cars; we coat boats too! Ceramic Pro Marine is one of the thickest Ceramic Pro products on the market. It prevents oxidation, staining and any growth on the hull surface. It’s great for all surfaces, from the hull to the seats, to the glass. Ceramic Pro Marine also helps guard against UV rays and has a great self-cleaning effect. It provides a very advanced non-stick surface. Ceramic Pro Marine will extend the life of your paint job and add value to your boat. We can protect any marine vessel with Ceramic Pro Marine: Jet skis, fishing boats, yachts, speed boats ect. Each install includes a warranty, there are one year, two year and three year options.

Marine vessels are exposed to extremely harsh elements. Algae, salt water, barnacles, fishing debris, insect acids and other environmental fallout can cause damage to the paint. Ceramic Pro Marine is a nano-ceramic coating that provides paint protection to the vessel’s exterior, both below and above the waterline. It has a heavy duty, hydrophobic finish allowing water and other liquids to easily slide off. Your boat will be protected and cleaning will be significantly easier.

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High Gloss

Ceramic Pro Marine is available in High Gloss finish that Exceeds OEM paint or gelcoat quality. This means your boat will be glossier than the day you bought it.


Our products can not be washed away or removed thru environmental hazards. Ceramic Pro Marine is suitable in the most extreme environments from the frozen seas of the arctic to the sun damaging effects of the equator.


Ceramic Pro Marine is the most versatile coating on the planet. With its wide rang of uses there is literally no surface on your boat that can be left unprotected.


We have chosen to provide proven warranties over “peace of mind” warranties because we believe your experience with ceramic pro marine should be the same on day one as it is years down the line.

UV Rays

Ceramic Pro Marine utilizes a revolutionary blend of UV Inhibiting minerals to protect your vessel from the the harshest sun rays on the planet.

Fouling Release

Ceramic Pro Marine reduces the surface tension of your gelcoat preventing algae from planting roots into the pores of your gelcoat making growth incredibly easy to remove. This also means no more acids to remove tannin staining


Ceramic Pro Marine is a layerable product that starts with a penetrating foundation that can built up creating a protective layer that seals your gelcoat.

Self Cleaning

Ceramic Pro Marines protective layer reduces the surface tension of any surface allowing bird/bug dropping, fish blood, oil and any other contaminants to be easily washed away. Say good bye to harsh chemicals and time consuming washes.

Benefits of Coating Your Boat

  • Protection from fishing debris, salt water, algae, barnacles and bird droppings.
  • Hydrophobic finish- water and other liquids repel from surface
  • Extends life of paint
  • Glossy finish
  • Easy cleaning
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