Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Allentown, PA

Are you looking for a trustworthy detailing business in Allentown, PA? Ceramic Pro Auto Spa is where you can place your trust with five-star services and highly qualified staff. Ceramic Pro Auto Spa offers Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wrap, Caliper Painting, ExoShield, and more. We love enhancing your car! Call us at (717) 621-2132 to schedule your appointment!

Full Detailing Services at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Allentown, PA, Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wrap, Caliper Painting, ExoShield, and more.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Allentown, PA, recognizes that the roads we like driving on don’t always return the favor because they include a range of contaminants that might make our automobile seem less than perfect. It is vital to maintain the condition of your automobile. We deliver five-star detailing services to our customers, emphasizing quality and customer satisfaction.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Allentown, PA, offers various detailing services, including Ceramic Coating, Paint Protection Film, Vinyl Wrap, Caliper Painting, and ExoShield, to name a few. To improve the car’s overall appearance, we utilize the most up-to-date products and procedures in line with our highly trained staff. Make an appointment with us today!

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Allentown, PA, are car protection specialists. We have a highly skilled team of detailers ready to assist you!

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Allentown, PA

Allentown is a town in the United States located in Lehigh County. Allentown, located on the Lehigh River, is the largest of three nearby cities in Lehigh and Northampton counties that compose the Lehigh Valley metropolitan region, including Carbon County in Pennsylvania’s Coal Region and Warren County in northwest New Jersey. Allentown is known for its historic residences, commercial facilities, and century-old industrial sites. The central city neighborhoods of Allentown are made up of a mix of Victorian and terraced rowhomes. The majority of the magnificent residences in the West Park area are Victorian or Craftsman-style. Allentown has a humid continental climate with hot summers or a humid subtropical climate.

Our Services

Ceramic Coating Allentown, PA

Ceramic coating preserves the paintwork on your automobile from everyday wear and tear. A ceramic coating will keep your paint looking fresher and shinier for longer while also making it easier to maintain.

Paint Protection Film Allentown, PA

Paint protection film will preserve and maintain your vehicle’s outside look. It will prevent the car’s paint from fading and any harsh exterior elements affecting the original color.

ExoShield Allentown, PA

ExoShield is a transparent, ultra-thin coating sprayed on the exterior of a windshield to protect it from stone chipping and deflect UV radiation. Exoshield is now available at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa to protect your vehicle.

Vinyl Wrap Allentown, PA

Car owners may personalize their wraps by choosing from various styles and colors. Vinyl wraps will aid in protecting your car from damaging outside factors and other issues!

Caliper Painting Allentown, PA

Caliper painting protects your brakes from rusting and corrosion while giving your car a stylish, sensual splash of color.

Window Tinting Allentown, PA

Window tinting improves the appearance of your vehicle and reduces heat and glare. Furthermore, Window Tinting at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Allentown, PA, uses high-quality materials to get the most outstanding results for car owners!

Marine Coating Allentown, PA

Marine Coating also protects against UV rays and has great self-cleaning abilities thanks to its hydrophobic properties. Ceramic Pro Marine will assist to boost the value of your boat by extending the life of its paint.

Extra Services Allentown, PA

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa ensures the best possible outcome for your vehicle with extra services such as interior vinyl and leather repair, paintless dent repair, Bray Windshield Skin, paint touch-up, and ECU flashes and tunes.