Ceramic Pro


Ceramic Pro ION Technology is the next step in the evolution of nanoceramic surface protection coatings.

Its main feature is a combination of the time-proven superior quality of Ceramic Pro nanoceramic coatings and the usage of ION Exchange Technology that provides unmatched properties to our new product. Not only does it have all the benefits of the top-tier Ceramic Pro 9H coating that has over a decade of proven performance across 70 countries, but it also surpasses it in virtually every aspect and has a quality that was considered impossible for a nanoceramic coating.

Namely, it is outstanding resistance to abrasion that takes ION to a league of its own in terms of protection from wear and tear.

Ceramic Pro ION surface protection system consists of two products. Both of them must be applied in the right succession to activate the ion exchange process, creating an even thicker layer to achieve maximum performance of our new technology.

ION Exchange technology makes Ceramic Pro ION one of the most technologically advanced surface protection coatings available on the market.

Included in Package

  • 2 Layers of Ceramic Pro ION
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro 9H on Rims and Plastic
  • 1 Layer of Ceramic Pro Rain on Front Side Windows and Windshield
  • Lifetime Warranty
nano ceramic paint coating
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The best way to protect your investment!


Two Layers Of ION Base Coat

The Gold Package includes two layers of Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat resulting in a thick, glossy, protective shell that is three times harder than your car’s clear coat. In addition, this nano-ceramic coating creates a permanent bond with your painted surface that will never wear away or break down. No coating will protect your vehicle better than Ceramic Pro ION Base Coat. Only Paint Protection Film can offer a higher degree of protection.

One Layer Of ION Top Coat

After receiving 2 layers of incredibly durable protection, your car will get one layer of ION Top Coat. When ION Top Coat is applied on top of ION Base Coat a chemical tempering process takes place to produce a super hard, extremely dense ,and highly durable shell on the surface of your car with even more gloss and depth of color. In addition, ION Top Coat has an incredible hydrophobic effect that will make your car easy to keep clean.

Once your paint has been coated with three layers of protection, we move on to your wheels.


The type of wheels you have will determine the coating used. Gloss painted wheels will receive ION Base Coat and ION Top Coat, just as your exterior paint did. Matte finish wheels will receive Ceramic Pro’s 9H coating, and non-painted wheels will be coated with Ceramic Pro’s Wheel & Caliper coating.

Each of these incredibly powerful coatings will protect your wheels by preventing brake dust and other contaminants from becoming embedded in your wheels. In addition, each of these coatings will protect the finish on your wheels while making them much easier to keep clean.

Your wheel faces are included with this package.

Exterior Plastics Coating

All exterior plastics will be treated with Ceramic Pro’s Plastic coating. This coating will bond to the surface of your cars exterior plastics to provide protection from stains and fading from the sun.

One Layer Of Ceramic Pro Glass

But Wait, There’s More.

We’re not finished yet! Next, we’ll coat all of your windows with Ceramic Pro Glass. Our glass coating will repel water and dirt while protecting your windows from water spots and tree sap. Even bugs and bird droppings will wash away easily.

Before the Ceramic Coating, We Do Extensive Prep Work.

nano ceramic paint coating
Ceramic Pro is the world’s most advanced paint protection. It’s a nano-ceramic coating that protects your vehicle’s paint from the elements.