Clear Bra Packages IN LANCASTER, PA


Clear Bra Lancaster

Clear Bra provides heavy duty paint protection. It is a thick, flexible film installed over your vehicle’s paint that helps prevent damage from rock chips and scratching.  We are proud to offer for Clear Bra film:  SunTek.  This high-end brand comes with a ten year warrantie! We offer several options, you can coat the front end of your car, the entire car, or anywhere in-between!

Clear Bra, also referred to as PPF (paint protection film) is a polyurethane, invisible film. It helps prevent damage caused by rock chips, gravel, tree sap, road salt and some scratching. Clear Bra is ultra clear and stain resistant! It also has a self-healing top coat that eliminates swirls and flaws.

There are several options for clear bra packages. It’s most important to protect areas of the car most prone to damage including the hood, front bumper, headlights and front mirrors. We can cover any exterior areas and customize any package to suit your needs. Call us today, we install the best clear bra Lancaster has to offer.

Protect your investment!

Clear Bra Protects Against

  • Rock Chips
  • Paint Chipping
  • Tree Sap
  • Bugs
  • Scratches
  • Road Salt

Featured Package: Full Clip Package

  • Entire coverage of hood
  • Full fender coverage
  • Front side mirrors
  • Front Bumper coverage

We Install the Best Quality Clear Bra Film Available

Clear Bra Film is the most protective option for paint protection. No other product guarantees rock chip protection.

Clear Bra Lancaster, PA

Purchasing a car is a major investment, so why not protect that investment? We all work hard to pay for our cars, protecting them and making them last as long as possible is important with Clear Bra. From the day our car drives off the dealership lot, the paint is exposed to harsh elements. Between brutal winter weather and hot summers, our cars are subjected to a lot of damage. Let the professionals at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa protect your investment!


SunTek Clear Bra Film is an industry favorite in PPF (paint protection film). It’s a flawless, glossy, clear protective coat. SunTek protects against rock chips, road salt, insects and other environmental fallout. It has self-healing properties, meaning any flaws or swirls in the clear coat will disappear after a few minutes in the sun or a heated garage. All of our SunTek packages include ten-year warranties.