Does Clear Bra Have Self Healing Properties?

Clear bra is a highly protective film that is resistant to UV radiation, protecting the paint on your vehicle from fading. Besides protecting your car paint from fading, clear bra (paint protection film) has self healing properties. But what is self-healing clear bra auto spa? How does it work? Let’s follow this article by Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, to get all the answers and more!

Does Clear Bra Have Self Healing Properties CERAMIC PRO AUTO SPA

What Is ‘Self Healing Clear Bra?

Clear bar is a combination of multiple layers of polyurethane, adhesives, polyester, and a clear finish comprise a self-healing transparent bra. In addition to defending against fading and stains, these layers work together to preserve the automobile’s paint and “heal” any surface damage, by applying heat to the area in question.

How Does Self-Healing Clear Bra Work?

The self-healing processes of a clear bra need heat. Each component of the self-healing paint protection film performs a specific function. Polyurethane offers a covering that is resistant to impact and scratches and is thick. It is 6 millimeters thick to be exact.

The adhesive allows the protective film to adhere securely to your vehicle’s surface. Additionally, it allows for its removal without causing any harm to the car. The glue is about 1.6 mm thick. The clear coat’s purpose is to prevent the film from accumulating stains or fading. In addition, it inhibits yellowing, a typical issue with low-quality films. The thickness of the transparent coat is 0.5 mm.

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Additionally, the self-healing clear bra has a 3 mm release liner. This one makes it simple to remove the protective coating. When this protective coating is damaged, the resulting damage may be seen. Use a heat gun to deliver heat to the damaged region since this causes the underlying layers to reorganize, eliminating the scratches.

If you do not have a heat gun, you may use hot water. Alternatively, leave your vehicle in the sun to let the protective coating absorb the sun’s heat and restore itself.

What Are The Advantages Of Applying Self-Healing Clear Bra?

  • Best paint protection
  • Improves the vehicle’s market worth
  • Economical, since you do not have to constantly have your vehicle repainted to remove little blemishes and scratches. Therefore, it is economical in the long term.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, Offers Clear Bra Packages!

Clear Bra auto spa provides excellent paint protection. We are happy to provide SunTek Clear Bra film. A ten-year warranty backs up this premium brand! We provide a variety of packages, including protection for the front of your car, the whole automobile, or any place else!

SunTek Clear Bra Film is an industry-leading, transparent, glossy layer of protection. SunTek is resistant to stones, road salt, insects, and other environmental pollutants. Due to the PPF’s self-healing properties, any faults or swirls will vanish after a few minutes of exposure to bright sunlight or a heat gun. Each SunTek product comes with a ten-year guarantee.

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How To Keep Clear Bra In Pristine Condition?

If you want your self-healing clear bra to serve you well, you must properly maintain it. 

  • The film protects your car’s paintwork from scratches; it does not clean it. Ensure you no longer wash your vehicle in direct sunlight. Additionally, do not use an automatic vehicle wash.
  • When chemicals or bird droppings land on the outside of your car, remove them immediately. Otherwise, they might potentially harm the covering.
  • Wax your car at least once every month to maintain its cleanliness and luster. In addition, there will be no harmful impacts on the coating when waxing.

If you have a vehicle, issues like scratches, dings, and dents will keep sprouting up! There’s simply no avoiding it! So before your vehicle gets scratched, dented or dinged, protect your car with a self-healing clear bra. You can come to Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, at 1273 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, United States, to have the superior self-healing clear bra applied on your car. Dial +1 (717) 621-2132 to get in touch with us if you are interested in our clear bra services!


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