Does Clear Bra Prevent Rock Chips?

Clear bra or also known as paint protection film, is the ideal choice! But do you know exactly what value paint protection film brings to your vehicle? Does clear bra prevent rock chips? How long does clear bra last? With Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, we’ll find out!

clear bra, PPF service in Lancaster, PA at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa

Should You Consider Clear Bra Or Paint Protection Film For Your Vehicle?

Prevents Fading

In addition to rain and snow, exposure to sunshine may cause fading, leaving your paintwork to appear drab and uninspired. Moreover, if the automobile gets unequal sun, you may need to repaint it due to the various resulting hues. Due to its unique chemical features, PPF prevents fading by blocking UV radiation.

Protective automobile films protect the paint against minor scratches, and rock chips. The flaws may create weaknesses in the underlying automobile architecture. 

Provides Self-healing Properties

Self-healing qualities exist in paint protection films. Multiple layers in the film protect car paint and cure surface-level damage cohesively. It avoids deterioration with a urethane covering that is resistant to scratches. When exposed to heat, the self-healing paint protection returns to its lowest energy level. Scratches and dents on the car’s exterior will thus mend if you wash it with warm water or leave it in the sun.


Prevent chemical reactions from occurring.

Sand and salt are used to remove ice and snow off roadways. Unfortunately, the chemicals are abrasive to your car’s paint and other components. They eventually create chipping that allows rust to form. PPF protects the automobile against harmful toxic agents. In addition, it resists deterioration caused by acidic bird droppings or acid rain. Consequently, the vehicle maintains its appearance for longer.

Will Clear Bra Prevent Rock Chips?

Due to the Paint Protection Film‘s high resistance to impact, its application will protect your paint from chips and scratches caused by rocks and road debris. The top layer of a high-quality film is composed of elastomeric polymers that return to their standard shape after being stretched or deformed, providing the film “self-healing” characteristics. It indicates that when the film is scratched lightly, it absorbs the damage and returns to its original texture and qualities.


How Long Does Clear Bra Last?

The actual lifespan of PPF is between 5 and 7 years, depending on driving circumstances, wear & tear, and maintenance practices. Over time, the Self-Healing abilities will decline. This is normal due to wear and tear. All PPF manufacturers compete to provide the most extended warranty possible to consumers.

clear bra, paint protection film service in Lancaster, PA at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa

Clear Bra Packages At Ceramic Pro Auto Spa In Lancaster, PA!

Clear Bra provides excellent paint protection. It is a thick, flexible film that is applied to the paint of your vehicle to prevent rock chips and scratches. We are delighted to provide SunTek Clear Bra film. A ten-year guarantee supports this luxury brand! We provide several options, such as covering the front end of your vehicle, the whole automobile, or anywhere else!


SunTek Clear Bra Film is an ideal, clear, glossy protection layer. SunTek is impervious to pebbles, road salt, insects, and other environmental contaminants. Because the PPF has self-healing abilities, any flaws or swirls will disappear within a few minutes of direct sun or with a heat gun. Every SunTek kit has a ten-year warranty.


Our clear bras are the most efficient protection against scratches and other environmental damage to your car. We apply only the finest products and us the latest methods for installation to guarantee that your vehicle retains its brand-new appearance for many years. To schedule an appointment for transparent bra installation, please visit our website or call +1 (717) 621-2132!


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