How Do You Take Care Of Clear Bra (PPF)?

Clear Bra is a crucial investment in maintaining the appearance of your vehicle. If we do not preserve our Clear Bra, it will be destroyed by scratches, chips, and other wear and tear over time. So, does your car have Clear Bra value? What are some strategies for maintaining a clear bra? Lets discuss with Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA!

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Is PPF (Clear Bra) Worth It?

Cleaning Your Car Is Simpler

Clear Bra has a hydrophobic feature, making washing your vehicle easier because nothing can cling to the paint. A damp towel, for example, may readily remove bird droppings. A quick spray from the water hose can also eliminate any accumulated dirt.

Vehicle UV Protection

The sun is an ever-present danger to your automobile. Even in the depth of winter, UV radiation will cause damage to most paints. As long as the light shines, your color will continue to fade. Drying paint produces chipping and cracking. Clear Bra will help your paint survive environmental factors such as the sun.

Constant contact with abrasive environments can harm and degrade your paint protection coating over time. However, the paint beneath will be untouched. 

Increase the value of your vehicle

Clear Bra will increase the market worth of your automobile in the long term if you decide to sell it. A car with a stunning paint job may be worth thousands more in trade-in value. If you want to increase the value of your automobile, invest in Clear Bra!

What Are The Ways To Keep Your PPF aka Clear Bra In Pristine Condition?

Allow 48 hours before touching your paint protection film.

Curing the protective layer may take several days (at least 48 hours). For around a week following installation, avoid touching the film. Low temperatures and heavy humidity may cause the curing process to take longer.

Invest in quality shampoo.

Avoid using cheap vehicle wash shampoo. It can include harsh chemicals that damage the film or dull the coating. Shampoos containing lubricating components should be avoided.

What Should We Take Into Consideration After Applying PPF (Clear Bra)?

Clear Bra maintenance is crucial since it is still curing, and any mistake may impede or destroy the film. Therefore:

  • Do not wash or wax your automobile for the first seven days after installing the Clear Bra. The moisture between the paint surface of your car and the film is still draining, and the film has not yet bonded to the surface fully
  • Do not push any bubbles that have developed beneath the coating. The liquid trapped in the bubbles evaporates via the pores of the coating.
  • Avoid driving your automobile for the first week following installation. It decreases the possibility of interfering with the healing process.

PPF (Clear Bra) at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA

Clear Bra (Paint Protection Film) offers superior paint protection. It is a thick, flexible film that is put over your car’s paint to prevent rock chips and scratches. We are pleased to provide SunTek Clear Bra film. A ten-year warranty backs this high-end brand! We provide numerous choices, including coating the front end of your vehicle, the complete car, or wherever in between!

SunTek Clear Bra Film is a perfect, shiny, transparent protective layer. SunTek is resistant to rock chips, road salt, insects, and other environmental contaminants. Because it is self-healing, any faults or swirls in the clear coat will erase within a few minutes in the sun or heat gun. All of our SunTek packages come with a ten-year warranty.

Our clear bras are the most effective way to shield your vehicle from scratches and other damage. We utilize the best materials and installation processes to ensure that your automobile looks brand new for years to come. To arrange a clear bra installation appointment, please visit our website Ceramic Pro Auto Spa or contact us at +1 (717) 621-2132! Address:
1273 Manheim Pike Lancaster, PA 17601

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