How Does Window Tint Help Protect Vehicle Leather?

Are you uncomfortable when you have to drive in the hot sun? How can strong sunlight damage your car’s interior leather? In this article, Ceramic Pro Auto Spa will discuss how to solve these problems with window tint.

What is window tint?

Window tinting is an entirely manual process. A transparent sheet of film is put on the inside of a vehicle’s windows. Although the primary goal of this technique is to limit the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that reaches the vehicle’s interior, many people tint their windows simply because they believe it looks fantastic. The thickness of the film and the substance used to make it can differ, and different states have different regulations on the amount of darkness allowed. 

a shining protected car after getting applied window tinting to protect the interior at ceramic pro auto spa in lancaster, pa

Why is window tint useful for vehicle leather?

The harsh sun is very harmful to humans, especially the skin. The same goes for the leather of your car’s interior. If you expose them to strong sunlight for a long time, it will quickly damage the leather. However, window tinting can help your car against the harsh sun’s UV rays. It protects the leather from these damages. 


Some benefits of window tint

Window tinting inherently brings us many benefits. Besides helping to protect the interior’s leather, it also has more benefits below.

First, the insulation feature of window tint will significantly improve the air inside your car. You will easily enjoy the coolness on hot sunny days. Depending on the type of film you use, it will have the ability to insulate from 50 to 90%.

Second, many people believe that this will help increase the uniqueness and aesthetics of their car. Besides, window tinting can also create privacy for users. 

Finally, it works to reduce glare and protect your eyes. When driving, visibility and glare are quite dangerous. As a result, car window films are critical, particularly in the drivers vision region. This film functions as a light barrier, reducing the amount of light from the outside that enters the car, such as sunshine, reversing car headlights, street lights, etc. 


How many types of window tint are available at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa?

Currently, the types of services for window tinting are various on the market. Depending on the needs and preferences of customers, the market has many different kinds. However, coming to Ceramic Pro Auto Spa, you will experience two premium window films:

Suntek CIR Tint

CIR Suntek (CeramicIR). It is a nano-hybrid product. It’s a non-metal, carbon-based tint that rejects infrared light. It is the newest tint on the market, and it does not disappoint. SunTek CIR offers superior heat, UV, inferred rejection, and UV light rejection of over 99 percent. 

Suntek Carbon Tint

It’s a fading-resistant window tint made of carbon. It’s non-reflective and non-metal so that it won’t interfere with cell, radio, or satellite communications. It is UV and heat resistant, and it comes with a fade-free lifetime warranty.

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