How Long Does Window Tint Take To Fully Cure?

Window Tint keeps the inside cool in hot weather and prevents fading of the upholstery. Car window tinting may protect your skin from up to 99 percent of the sun’s damaging UV radiation! After installing window tint, can we drive straight away? Read this article with Ceramic Pro Auto Spa to get the answer! male wrapper window tinting film car Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Lancaster PA

What Is The Process of Installing Window Tint?

Preparing the Windows

With a soap and water solution, a sponge, and a squeegee, the tinting pros will remove dirt and debris and prepare your car’s windows on both sides. 

Cutting and Measuring

Our detailing specialist will measure your vehicle’s windows and cut pieces of film from a master roll to fit. The film is then applied to the outside surface of the automobile window and neatly trimmed down. First, we check that the sheet’s bottom border is straight and aligned with the window. We use a blade to cut the edge if it isn’t.

The film is then trimmed to fit the specific form of the left and right sides of the window.

The film is then heat-shrunk using a heat gun. This procedure shapes the flat sheet to bend to fit against the glass. Typically, the specialist begins at the top and works their way down, smoothing out flaws in the sheet with a flat plastic scraper.

After it’s completely smooth, we cut the material’s top edge by slowly rolling down the window to align the blade with the leading edge.


Once the film has been suitably sized and formed, it is time to attach it to the inside surface of the window. First, we spray soapy water over the glass. This solution activates the film’s adhesive, allowing the sheet to slide down the glass until it is appropriately positioned.

We then use specialized plastic scrapers of various shapes to eliminate bubbles, smooth the edges, and ensure the film is put correctly into the window’s rubber lining. After the material is in place, we use the heat gun to help cure the soapy water and shape the film to the curvature of the window.

Does Window Tint Take a  Long Time to Fully Cure?

The cure time will depend on the weather and season.

The sun will assist your vehicle’s film to cure (or dry) within two to four days following a window tint throughout the summer. However, if we install window tint in the winter, you may have to wait 1 week or more for your car’s window tint to dry entirely.

You shouldn’t go to the vehicle wash immediately, no matter how long your window tint takes to cure. If it is snowing or raining outside, you can help your window tint dry faster by leaving your vehicle in direct sunshine or in the garage.

Aftercare Instructions for New Window Tint

After applying window tint, we must maintain it to keep it looking fantastic all of the time! These aftercare suggestions will be useful!

After installing the tint film, do not roll down the windows for at least 48 hours. This time allows the tint to stick to the glass and not peel away when the window is rolled down.

What Can We Do To Remove Window Tint?

To release a corner edge of the tint film:

  1. Use a razor blade carefully.
  2. Remove the tint film off the window using a heat gun to release the glue.
  3. Scrape away extra adhesive with a razor blade and wipe the panel with a glass cleaner.

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