How Many Types Of Window Tint Are There?

Window tint will provide you privacy and reduce glare when driving! Now there are many types of window tints on the market! What are the differences? Where can we get them?

male wrapper with tool window tinting film car Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Manheim Pike Lancaster PA17601Window Tint: What Is It? Should We Get It?

Window Tint is an entirely manual process that requires the employment of skilled automotive window tinters. A thin laminate film is cut and attached to the interior of a car’s windows to finish the procedure. Laminated film is often available in various tones and light/darkness levels, allowing clients to quickly pick what best meets their needs.

Preserve your car’s upholstery.

Window Tint is a wonderful way to protect the interior of your car. By shielding the sun’s rays, which would otherwise fade fabric upholstery and destroy leather, window film helps to keep your vehicle looking fresher for longer.

Protect against UV radiation.

Tinted windows protect your home’s inside, but they also protect you. Window Tint may block up to 99.9% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays. Tinted windows can help people who spend a lot of time behind the wheel reduce their risk.

Avoid shattered glass.

The film can also protect you and your vehicle in a car accident by stopping your windows from shattering all over you. Even if the window breaks, the tint generally holds the little glass shards together, so if you have an accident, you’ll be pleased you had tint put in. Most people don’t consider it ahead of time, but you never know. 

What Kinds of Window Tint Are There?

When deciding what’s best for you, consider the five distinct varieties of window tint available and the benefits and drawbacks of each.


Ceramic window tint is more expensive. This film provides optimal vision since it absorbs UV rays and high amounts of light.

Carbon Tint

When you use carbon tint, your windows will have a matte look.

Metallic Window Tint

This color has the appearance of metal. It adheres to your glass, making them shatterproof while absorbing UV rays and reducing scratches.

Hybrid Window Tint

This mixture is an excellent choice when you want a metallic and dyed hue.

Dyed Film

Dyed window tint combines an adhesive film layer with a polyester topcoat dyed in the middle.

Steps for Removing Window Tint 

  • First, carefully loosen a corner edge of the tint film using a razor blade.
  • Remove. When the loose edge is large enough to grip with your fingertips, use the heat gun to weaken the adhesive and carefully take the film away from the window.
  • Scrape. After removing the film, scrape off any residual adhesive with the razor blade.
  • Clean. Clean the window with a cloth or microfiber towel after using glass cleaner.

Window Tint Packages at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa In Lancaster, PA

SunTek Carbon and SunTek CIR Window Tint are available at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa. Window tint enhances your car’s appearance while also providing several safety features. One of the key benefits of window tint is that it blocks UVA and UVB rays. Window Tint also shields the driver and passengers from UV rays, which cause cancer. Window tint also reduces the interior temperature, which can save your life on hot, humid summer days.


SunTek CIR has a gorgeous black surface that is non-reflective and resistant to fading. It provides great heat and infrared protection while blocking over 99 percent of damaging UV radiation. SunTek CIR has no metal and will not interfere with GPS, radio, or cell phone signals. This item has a lifetime fading warranty.


SunTek Carbon is a non-fading, non-metal window tint composed of carbon, giving a sleek black finish that will not fade. It provides exceptional solar performance and also excellent UV protection. Our SunTek Carbon window tint solutions come with a lifetime fading warranty.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa offers Window Tint in Lancaster, PA, that will improve the look of your car while safeguarding your privacy. Our Window Tint procedure uses a high-quality film intended to last for many years. Call (717) 621-2132 or come to 1273 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601 to schedule a Window Tint appointment.

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