Invest In Your Vehicle With Caliper Painting

If you want to do something unique and go crazy for your brakes, Caliper Painting is a terrific choice for your vehicle! But what do you know precisely about Caliper Painting? Does it genuinely benefit your car? Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, will help you learn more!

Why should we invest in Brake Caliper Painting?Car wheel with painted caliper Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Lancaster PA 17601

Affordable upgrade.

Caliper painting is reasonably priced. You can have a customized appearance without breaking the budget.

A unique touch.

It’s simple to express yourself using caliper paint. It includes multiple colors to pick from and patterns to display. The calipers may be used to complement your wheels and make your paint job stand out.

Extremely High Temperature

Your brake calipers heat up rapidly, even if you aren’t aware. They may achieve extremely high temperatures in minutes, regardless of whether you’re driving in the dead of winter or the scorching heat of July. High-temperature paint is essential because the paint might flake off and even melt in seconds without it.

Quick drying

Nobody wants to wait hours for the paint to dry. The finest brake caliper paints should dry in roughly an hour or two.

What type of paint should we put on my calipers?

If we use a decent high heat paint, it should be better. The paint should be long-lasting and resistant to protect your brakes while also improving your car’s appearance. If you’re going to use a primer, ensure sure it’s also heat resistant.

How do you properly paint brake calipers?

It is critical to paint the calipers correctly by adequately cleaning them, taping/covering the unpainted parts, selecting the appropriate paint to apply, and allowing 24 hours before driving the vehicle owing to the heat created by braking.

Painted calipers can complement automobiles with a specific color scheme or style. However, painting them correctly is critical since incorrect paint application might cause braking troubles. If paint gets on regions around the brake system that it shouldn’t, it might impact the friction levels required to bring a vehicle to a stop.

Is priming required for caliper paint?

Yes, before priming, clean and prepare new calipers (or anything else you intend to paint). The clear finish (or shine) on a new caliper will be much smoother.

How can I get rid of old caliper paint?

It truly depends on what your old caliper paint was composed of, but caliper cleaning may usually remove most of the top surface pollutants. You may then use sandpaper or even abrasive sponges for extensive cleaning to get down to the bare metal.

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