Is It Possible To Apply Wax Over A Ceramic Coating?

Ceramic coating and wax serve the same objective, to maintain your car’s paint in pristine condition over time. However, there are distinctions between these two items. Can wax be used on top of ceramic coating? This article will clarify these distinctions and whether wax should be applied to ceramic coating. Let’s learn more with Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA!

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What Are The Differences Between Ceramic Coating and Wax?


Car wax is a clear wax coating applied to the paint surface of a car, truck, or SUV to cause water to roll off. Additionally, it protects the paint against grime, solvents, and UV light. Carnauba waxes often provide more protection than sealants, although they do not stay as long, lasting between 3 and 8 weeks. Carnauba waxes often repel water more effectively than sealants, making your car simpler to maintain. Carnauba waxes should be used when the wettest finish possible is desired.

Ceramic Coating

Ceramic coating is liquid polymer sealants that chemically attach to a car’s factory paint, forming a protective coating. Ceramic coatings consist of SiO2 or TiO2 to prolong the lifetime and prevent the car’s paint from environmental factors.

Ceramic coatings have ease of cleaning because they provide a hydrophobic surface that repels water and dirt. In addition to protection and ease of application, it provides your vehicle’s paint a magnificent, deep gloss by enhancing the clear coat‘s reflective properties.

Should We Apply Wax On The Top Of Ceramic Coating?

Putting wax on top of a ceramic coating is unnecessary. Wax will not be able to match the degree of protection offered by the ceramic coating, it will only hinder the layer’s properties. In theory, the wax will attach to a ceramic covering, then harden and absorb all repellent characteristics. Car wax contains a substantial quantity of natural oils, grease, and various other sticky substances. After a fresh coating has been placed on a surface, it causes the water to roll off. On the other hand, these chemicals accumulate dirt, dust, and pollen, causing these particles to attach to the surface and making the car dirtier.

Is Ceramic Coating Beneficial To Your Vehicle?

In addition to lasting longer than wax and boosting the car’s shine and sheen, a ceramic coating may prevent brake dust from adhering to the vehicle. The most satisfactory UV protection is supplied by a ceramic coating, which provides an extra layer of defense for the car’s exterior. Nature’s unpredictability and the sun’s harsh rays will always affect your car’s paint. Bird droppings, insect excrement, and tree sap all cause damage to your vehicle if you solely apply car wax as a protective layer. Even mediocre vehicle washing may produce swirl marks or tiny scratches on the paint that resemble spider webs. Wax products may be useful, but they provide little protection and only last a few months.

In this situation, a ceramic coating might be beneficial. The coating will attach to the outside of the vehicle after it has dried, providing a second layer of protection that repels dirt, prevents swirl marks, and reduces oxidation.

tesla ceramic coating service in Lancaster, PA at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa

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