Is Marine Protection Worth It For Your Boat?

Marine coatings are an essential component of boat upkeep, but they may be costly and time-consuming. Our marine coatings can keep your boat looking good for many years. Is this true? Is it beneficial to your boat? What is the marine protection process? Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, will discuss for you!

marine detailing protective coating Ceramic Pro Auto Spa Manheim Pike Lancaster PAWhat are the benefits of Marine Protection for your boat?

A marine ceramic coating outperforms any other protective option for saltwater or freshwater vessels. It may be applied to any part of the boat’s surface and, when combined with paint correction or polishing, can enhance the gloss, depth, and shine of your boat’s natural color. Ceramic Pro Auto Spa will go through the top three reasons why investing in a professional ceramic coating application for any new boat, or older marine vessel is a wise approach to safeguard your investment.

Prevent UV Rays

Ultraviolet radiation is responsible for producing physical damage to a surface. UV radiation may cause clear coatings on painted surfaces, gel coat, fiberglass, and fabrics to oxidize, fracture, and lose depth and sheen.

Nano-particles infiltrate into the flaws inherent in all porous surfaces when applied. The coating flashes or cures within seconds, forming a covalent connection and fusing to the surface. It prevents 99.9% of UV rays from damaging your boat’s components.

Enhance Car’s Appearance

A ceramic boat coating makes eliminating bird droppings, fish waste, and other marine-generated trash easier. They may be applied to the gel coat, seats, stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and even plastics on a boat.

It becomes extremely hydrophobic when your complete marine vessel is coated with a professional-grade ceramic coating. Water, mud, barnacles, algae, and animal feces are less likely to cling or attach to the surface. Toxins may usually be removed with high pressure hoses and plain water.

Give Better Performance And Efficiency

When mounted on the hull, it can also help your ship glide through the water. It is achievable because of the lower drag created.

The surface of a marine coating is firm and flat. Rolling resistance is reduced on a flat surface. It allows anything that comes into contact with the coated surface to glide over it. It makes it easier for boats to maneuver even in rough conditions on the sea. 

How can we apply for marine protection?

Preparation is essential for a successful marine ceramic coating procedure. Typically, vintage colored boats are the most difficult to bring back to life.

  • Wipe down the hull to remove surface salt buildup 
  • Complete rinse, wash, and use of soft foam brush to remove any leftover and other impurities on the hull
  • One buffing stage with a medium grade compound and foam pad
  • One polishing process with a soft foam pad
  • Clean the hull.
  • Apply two coats of marine ceramic coating.

Our Ceramic Pro Marine Protection at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa.

Ceramic Pro Marine is one of the market’s thickest Ceramic Pro products. It protects the hull surface against oxidation, discoloration, growth and protects against UV radiation and has excellent self cleaning abilities. It has a highly superior nonstick surface. Ceramic Pro Marine protects your paintwork and increases the value of your boat or any marine craft, including jet skis, fishing boats, yachts, and speed boats. Each installation comes with a one year, two year, or three year guarantee.

Marine boats are subjected to adverse weather conditions. Algae, salt water, barnacles, fishing waste, insect acids, and other environmental contaminants can cause paint degradation. Ceramic Pro Marine is a nano ceramic coating that protects the paint on the vessel’s exterior below and above the waterline. It features a rugged, hydrophobic coating that readily lets water and other liquids slip off. Your boat will be safer, and cleaning will be much easier.

Marine Protection at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, is a terrific choice for protecting your boat! Furthermore, Ceramic Pro Auto Spa has a professional and dedicated team to bring the best value to your marine! Call us via +1 (717) 621-2132 to schedule your marine protection appointment today!

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