What Is The Lifespan Of Window Tint?

You want your automobile to appear beautiful, but the sun can be harsh on both the inside and outside. The sun may cause the paint on your car to fade and even harm your dashboard and other electronics. Window tinting is an excellent technique to shield your vehicle from the sun’s damaging rays. Tinting your windows will keep your automobile appearing newer for longer while also keeping you comfortable in the summer heat. Does window tinting, in reality, last longer? install window tint ceramic pro auto spa


The Lifetime of Window Tinting.

Tinting your vehicle’s windows add style, security, and privacy. But how long does window tint truly last? Several variables influence the lifespan of window tint, including the film’s quality, exposure, application, and maintenance. If you invest in high-quality tinting film and maintain it regularly, you may enjoy tinted windows for many years.

After five years, most automotive window tinting fades from 99 percent to 70 percent. The quality of the cloth might influence the fading rate. Other factors that might influence fading include installation quality, maintenance, and frequency of usage.

What are the methods for cleaning window tint?

Window tinting will last longer if properly cared for and cleaned. Here are three methods for washing the automobile.

Using the Proper Cleaning Products

Window tint film is quickly destroyed by improper chemicals, which are regrettably the same chemicals that many people use to clean their automobile windows. Always use a window cleaner designed specifically for car window tint film for the best results.

Use the Two-Towel Approach

We recommend that you use the two-towel method. Wipe the window with one microfiber towel and buff away any residual cleaner or moisture with the second towel. Using microfiber towels will help avoid scratches and swirls in the tint film.

Some Tips for maintaining your tinted windows.

Allow time for the window tint to cure.

It is best to let the windows sit for a few days before washing them. If you wash your window tints before they have had time to cure fully, the water may cause the tints to lose their grip and create bubbles and other faults.

Limit abrasive cleaners.

Avoid using abrasive cleaners on the tinted surfaces of your windows. These compounds can degrade or discolor the window tint.

Our Suntek CIR and Suntek Carbon at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa offers the best window tinting in Lancaster: SunTek Carbon and SunTek CIR. Window tint improves the aesthetics of your vehicle and provides various safety benefits. One of the primary advantages of window tint is preventing UVA and UVB radiation. Window tinting also protects the driver and passengers from cancer-causing UV rays. Window tint also reduces interior temperature, which can be life-saving on hot, humid summer days.

Suntek CIR

SunTek CIR has a stunning black surface that is resistant to fading and is non-reflective. It’s a nano-hybrid product that combines the benefits of our carbon tints with infrared rejection. This mix delivers excellent heat and infrared protection and blocks over 99 percent of harmful UV rays. SunTek CIR has no metal in the tint and will not interfere with GPS, radio, or mobile phone signals. This product comes with a lifetime fading warranty.

Suntek Carbon

SunTek Carbon is a non-fading, non-metal window tint made of carbon. SunTek Carbon is non-reflective and has a sophisticated black finish that will not fade. This product offers superior solar performance as well as superior UV protection. SunTek Carbon has no metal in the tint and will not interfere with radio, mobile phone, or GPS signals. Our SunTek Carbon window tint systems come with a lifetime fading warranty.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa provides window tinting in Lancaster, PA, that will enhance the appearance of your vehicle while protecting your privacy. Our window tinting process uses a high quality film designed to last for many years. Our professionals at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa enjoy upgrading and maintaining your car! To make a window tinting appointment, call (717) 621-2132 or visit us at 1273 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601.

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