What Is The Process Of Removing Paint Protection Film?

Clear bra or paint protection film is a perfect protective layer for protecting the car’s paint from environmental elements and minor scratches! But over time, your clear bra gets some damage that affects its function! What are the signs it time to remove the paint protection film? How do we remove PPF? Continue to read this article, from Ceramic Pro Auto Spa in Lancaster, PA, to find out how!

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Time To Remove PPF!

Paint protection film may need to be renewed after a lengthy period of use. What to check for when determining when to remove and replace your clear bra will be discussed here.

The state of your clear bra should be your first consideration when deciding what course of action to pursue. The following are some of the most critical faults to check for:


A typical problem is yellowing. The discoloration results from prolonged exposure to the sun or other severe environmental conditions.


When a film has been exposed to UV radiation for an extended period, it starts to degrade, creating the appearance of broken glass. A deteriorated film may harm the paint below and make it very difficult to remove.

Damage from the road

Your car’s paint protection film may become more susceptible to aesthetic damage with time and miles on the road. Driving through bad terrain may cause the film to wear and peel over time, resulting in an unappealing appearance.

How Many Steps Are Involved In The Removal Of PPF?

To remove the paint protection film from an automobile, follow these simple steps:

  • Ensure you do not peel the film off like you’re flipping through a book. Instead, look for the point at where the automobile and the film most clearly seperate. There, you may begin the peeling process. Even if you can’t discover the most apparent peeled-off location, inspect the margins of the film to determine whether film separation has already begun. Place your car in the sun to warm the surface and help remove the window film simpler.
  • Apply heat for a few seconds with a blow dryer or heat gun to the peeled-off region and strectch slowly. The heat gun should be kept at a distance of 8-12 inches from the PPF at all times. Take particular care while utilizing these types of heating instruments, as well.
  • Use a tiny quantity of special adhesive remover to remove any remaining adhesive once the PPF has been removed. When necessary, reapply the solution by rubbing and wiping the remaining residue.
  • Dry the section with a microfiber cloth after removing the adhesive residue.

Does Removing The Clear Bra Hurt The Paint

Removing a PPF rarely damages the paint. The paint may come off with the film if the paint underlying has been resprayed incorrectly. To prevent this from happening, keep the area heated when removing the glue and use an adhesive remover to dissolve it properly.

clear bra installation service in Lancaster, PA at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa

SunTek Clear Bra At Ceramic Pro Auto Spa In Lancaster, PA!

Clear Bra provides excellent paint protection. A thick, flexible layer protects your car’s paint against rock chips and scratches. We are happy to offer SunTek Clear Bra film as an option. A ten-year warranty backs this amazing brand! You may choose to have us cover only the front end of your car, the whole vehicle, or just about anyplace else!

SunTek Clear Bra Film is a clear, glossy film. Insects and other environmental pollutants are impenetrable to SunTek. When exposed to sunlight or a heat gun for a short time, any imperfections in the PPF will be smoothed out.

It’s time to remove and apply the new clear bra to your vehicle with Ceramic Pro Auto Spa! Our clear bras are the best way to protect your automobile from scratches and other environmental damage. To prolong the lifetime of your car looking new, we use only the best materials and use cutting edge installation techniques. Visit Ceramic Pro Auto Spa at 1273 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, or contact us at (717) 621-2132 to make an appointment today!

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