What Is Window Tinting And Its Benefits?

What is Window Tint?

The procedure of applying a translucent layer of film to the inside of a vehicle’s windows is known as window tinting. Although the primary goal of this technique is to limit the amount of heat and radiation from the sun that reaches the vehicle’s interior, many people tint their windows simply because they believe it looks fantastic. The thickness of the film and the substance used to make it can differ, and different states have different regulations on the amount of darkness that can be applied.

The benefits of Window Tinting are as great as you think. 

Heat transfer through the glass is slowed down:

The significant impact of window tinting is to slow down the heat transfer process, allowing the car’s cooling systems to work more efficiently. Still, without air-conditioning equipment in your home or automobile, no matter how good the insulating film is, it will lose its effectiveness over time. 

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Removing the harmful rays:

The blockage of two rays, the most deadly of which is UV rays, is another significant property of window film. As you may be aware, ultraviolet rays or UV rays, when shining on the human face for an extended period or at a high intensity, have a significant influence on health. 

Ensuring privacy:

One of the most common reasons people tint their cars is to improve their privacy. The fewer people who can see through your car windows, the less likely it is that someone will consider taking anything from your vehicle. Privacy tinted glass, also known as commercial tint, ensures that no one outside can see inside your car, although it is only used on specific windows.

Types of Window Tinting:

Suntek CIR Tint:

Suntek CIR Tint is a cutting edge product line featuring excellent, high performance films. Ceramic technology improves solar performance and infrared rejection while keeping an utter nonmetal design that prevents signal interference with onboard or portable electronic equipment.

SunTek CIR Tint is available in eight different darkness levels, each with a nonreflective, actual black tint that helps prevent fading. It’s nothing short of luxury to live with CIR tint. Passengers and interiors are protected from UV radiation, and vehicle comfort is improved thanks to excellent heat and infrared rejection.

Suntek Carbon Tint:

Suntek Carbon Tint uses carbon instead of metal or dyes to create a unique look. It will not interfere with the electrical systems, radios, or driver’s equipment in your vehicle because it doesn’t include or require colors or metals. 

If you do not understand these two types, please come to Ceramic Pro Auto Spa for more detailed support and advice to choose which type is suitable for your vehicle.

Where to choose Window Tinting?

Window tinting is available anywhere, but you should choose a safe location with skilled staff because your car is valuable. Ceramic Pro Auto Spa is no longer unfamiliar to consumers. Coming here, you will be assisted and consulted by friendly and very experienced staff. 

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