Window Tinting Installation IN LANCASTER, PA


Window Tinting Lancaster, PA

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa provides the best window tinting Lancaster has to offer. We specialize in Ceramic and Infrared window tint. We provide two industry leading window tint options, SunTek Carbon and SunTek CIR window tint. In addition to improving the aesthetic values of your car, window tint also provides several protection factors. One of the main benefits of window tint is its ability to help block UVA and UVB rays. These harmful rays can lead to damage on leather seats and dash panels. Window tint also helps protect the driver and passengers from cancer causing sun exposure. Window tint also lowers the interior temperature which can be a lifesaver on hot, humid summer days.

Ceramic Pro Auto Spa offers several options for window tinting packages. We can tint two windows, three windows, full windows on a two-door coupe or full windows on a four-door sedan.

Protect your investment!

Benefits of Window Tint

  • Blocks Harmful UV Rays
  • Increases Privacy
  • Interior Protection from sun damage
  • Rejects heat keeping your car cooler

Featured Products:  SunTek Carbon and SunTek CIR

  • Non-Reflective: See clearly and safely
  • Provides Additional Privacy
  •  Won’t Block Cell, Satellite or Radio Signals
  • Protection from UV and Heat

Installed by Highly Skilled Professionals with the Best Products

Window Tint is a great way to give your car style and protect you and your passengers.

Window Tinting Lancaster, PA

Window tint provides an abundance of protective components. In addition to blocking dangerous UV rays, tinted windows also reduce glare and interior temperature. Reducing glare allows for a clearer view and safer drive for you and your passengers. Lowering the interior temperature means on hot, humid summer days your car will remain cooler and more comfortable. Sun can also damage the interior of a car, causing the leather, textile and plastic to fade. Window tint will help preserve your interior and also increases your privacy. Tint helps block the view of wandering eyes and keeps your personal belongings safe when you’re away from your car. You can trust the experts at Ceramic Pro Auto Spa to install the best window tint.

Pennsylvania Laws on Window Tinting 

There’s a good chance you’re wondering how much tint is legally allowed in Pennsylvania. The legal requirement for the windshield and front side windows is to allow 70% of light in. There are no limits for how dark the tint can be on the rear window or back side windows.

SunTek Carbon and SunTek CIR

We are proud to offer two premium window tint options: SunTek CIR and SunTek Carbon.

Let’s start with SunTek CIR (CeramicIR). This product is a nano-hybrid. It’s a non-metal, carbon constructed tint with infrared rejection. This is the latest in the tint industry and doesn’t disappoint. SunTek CIR provides premium heat, UV and inferred rejection and blocks over 99% of UV light. Click here to learn more about Suntek CIR.

Our other product, Suntek Carbon is a carbon constructed window tint that resists fading. It’s non-reflective and non-metal (won’t inhibit cell, radio or satellite signals). It rejects UV and heat and includes a lifetime warranty which covers fading. Click here to learn more about Suntek Carbon.